Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whoa is Me!

Sin. It's not a pleasant thing. To some it is. But to me it's like dirt. Or fire. Or worse. The sad thing is. It is all inside of me. And the only way to cleanse it out. Is to give your life to Jesus.

I pray that with everything I do that I would do it completely for him. I praise Him, that He has given me His son, as sort of a role model. We take it for granted, that our best friend is the greatest role model there is. He is perfect. If we are looking up to someone who is perfect, we surely can't become perfect, but we can definitely become more like Him. And that is my goal. This way, we can overcome sin, maybe not to perfection, by not making it the conquer of my life. Making Jesus the conquer of my life. Amen.

God has given us every spiritual blessing. How humbling is that!?!?He will always be there in time of need. Not just sometimes, but ALWAYS!!! I don't know about you, but I definitely take God for granted. Here we are, the creator of this world, right at our fingertips (and in our hearts) to ask for help, to comfort us, and to lead and guide us. I try to go to people for advice (which is great) but I could have help immediately;all I have to do is ask. Sure the answer won't be immediate, but at least we know that the answer will be genuine; the most genuine you can find!

I pray that I will capture every moment that I can, to look to my Lord for help. My goodness, that's what His name means!!!!! To be in His presence is so fufilling. And you are never not in His presence; how convinient!!! He's with you wherever you go....................

Thursday, October 7, 2010

WHOAAAAAA!!!!! WHOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! I just had the sudden urge to blog, but I don't know what to blog about soooooooo, you can either give me some recommendations or I will let you know about my day, with I am sure you are truthfully not the utter-most interseted in (which by the way it was great).Sooooooo pleasssseeeeeee just give me some recomendations or I'll drive you all to bordom. Now please excuse me, I have to go wake up my father.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Couldn't Find a Title For This Post, It's About So Many Different Things

Pine Mountain Pull-Down: A jolly event with sweaty climbers who haven't showered for days, long days of hanging around an old abandoned motorcycle stop, AMAZING climbing, fun people (sometimes too fun;)), great food, live music, awesome nights sleeping under the stars and watching unbelieveable climbing videos, famous climbers who you are to nervous to go up to the whole time but end up going up to them and they are actually really nice people who take their picture with you, and gorgeous morningsfilled with Abulita and pancakes. Pine Mountain Pull-Down.

The dreads say it all.....................

Fall: Cloudy skies, Mom's cooking, pumkin everything, fall deycor, what is there NOT?!!??!? Too much to even write? type? But anyways, I love it, just love it!!!!

I have nothing farther to say. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So, officially, this is my second day in a row blogging, 'cause yesterday the whole thing got erased after I shut the computer :( So here I am-second day in a row blogging (believe me-thanks an achievement!) It's going to be really hard typeing it all over again, which is why I will be taking about something else besides myself ;) Today, I just want to show you all how hilarious and wonderful my brother is if you haven't yet experienced him, so he will be having the computer today! Here he goes-

"Me: Ok Ry, if you want to to, you can blog today! Ry: What is blogging? Me: What do you think it is? Ry: You blog..... Me:Exactly! Ok then, tell me about your life! Ry: Well then, write 'My life is going good. I don't want anyone to know about it..... Me: Well, what about other things...... Ry:NOTHING ELSE!!! And you're kinda interrupting my game if you don't mind!!!"

Well, we gave it a try......

Ok, now I will be putting in a collage many funny conversations or lines from me, it is well worth reading!

"So I walk by Ryan drawing on the chalkboard last night and he's singing every word to Baby Got Back. I almost died. And then later he asked me what bunions are. Man, I love that kid!"-Rachel Wilhelm

"Ryan is on a roll today! Just found him google-ing 'fear of shots'. This kid needs his own comedy show!"-Heather Kane

"Bardged into Ryan's room and he jumped! He said, 'MOM! You scared the nuts out of me!' huh?"-Heather Kane

"Ryan says (about bread), 'this bread looks like the one that represents God's flesh. I wish I could eat it."-Heather Kane

"Courtright Lake conversation: So what do you want to be when you grow up Ry? 'I want to be a servant of the LORD' Then he caught a 'lunker' and he said he wanted to be a fisherman."-Nana Karen Drew

"Zach says 'What are boogies?' RYan replies 'I think it's boogers in French.'"-Aunt Stacy Gagliardi

"Mom I think I'll call you one hot mamma!"-Kassy Batesole

(Commercial for eHarmony comes on) "Me:Ryan don't even think about ever using eHarmony Ry:Why not! Me: You need to find a wife on your own!"-Heather Kane

This is just to name a few! This guy is amazing and I am so glad that he is my brother!!!

To be continued.....................................

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Smiley Faces and Dot Dot Dots :)

Three words=!!!

It all started with Amos 6-9- kinda confusing, but once I talked through it, the light came on.

Kinda scary.......

but still AWESOME!!!

It's gonna be a challenge, but,I'm doing the summer reading plan! So far, it is pretty awesome, and so cool what God can do after only two days of reading. I keep thinking to myself, " Why didn't I do this before?!?!" Lies Young Women Believe- soooo awesome! Today I learned that we, girls are in a burning house of lies, and we need to extinguish the fire. I'm trying to be true to myself as I answer the questions on this (as all of us struggle to do..... right?;), but I am so used to feeling judged by at school, that it is hard not to fall into the lies and gossip and rumors..........

which is why I usually work in a teacher's class at recess. I mean, girls, can we please try to get something more out of a conversation than where so-and-so got her outfit. Now, I just pray that my heart would be softened, so that I can love those girls.......... and not say all the bad things I'm saying about them right now (Lord, please forgive me!).............;)))))

So, I hope that this book/study could maybe help a bit with all of that:)

Now, onto music, oh sweet music to God! The feeling that you have when you're all alone in your room, with a candle lit, light pouring in from the open window, singing praises to God-knowing that God is there, sitting right next to you, listening in on your playing. Currently, I am writing a song about this certain feeling, that I am sooooo privileged to share! This feeling is the feeling of the Holy Spirit alive and well in me. Hehehehe! My heart is happy:) because God makes it happy!.........

We would be nothing without God! Thank you Immanuel-God with us!!!:)))

Monday, February 8, 2010

Back to Blogging it Is!!!

Here am blogging again- and boy, what I have to share!!! First of all, I would like to say that I have never realized what a distraction Facebook is until now :( Whenever you see someone, and have the latest news for them-BOOM- they already saw it on Facebook. So anyways, lately, it has been a very fun, happy, wonder-filled month, yet, tragic, heart-breaking, crazy days still lay in the air. The bad news I am sharing, can be seen as a disaster- yet a miracle performed by Jesus. Actually, all the matters I have to share are like this.
First off, God provided the awesome opportunity of me being able to go to nationals again- and even better, it was in Alexandria, Verginia! And also, my grandma grew up in DC, so she and my grandpa were going to be going us as well. I have been training my arms off for months now, doing any chance to earn money to go on this expensive trip. Problem #1 the day of registration, my parents were unable to get onto the website to register me. They continued to try, every once and a while, but still could not reach the page. One day, we finally got it. We were all very relieved. Problem #2 that day we got a call- from the climbing registraters! (or whatever they're called) They said that I would not be alowed to compete in nationals, because we were a day late. So we put in a bid (which is like a protest) and sadly, they denied it. WE figured it was a situation we were going to try really hard in, so we placed in another bid (with the help of my Grandparents, of course). We hadn't heard from them for a while, but that Tuesday, we got an email from USA climbing. I was fearful to open it, my hand shaking on the mouse (well maybe not that bad). That was it- they had denied my second appeal. Soon enough, we found out that we could not cancel our flights, and that we were still going to Alexandria! I was over-joyed. Sure enough, the day after we had our first vacation meeting, my grandma was in the hospital, with heart problems. We were not going to Alexandria. Oh, and the next day, we saw that there was "the biggest blizard of the century" in Washington DC and that all flights were being canceled. I just thought- God, you're really, really there. God's the one that sent the storm. God's the one that sickened (and soon healed ;) my grandmother. God's the one that told us, that it was just not time to go to Verginia. And, it all worked out, for I was ancious to do school sports- and I could NOT have done them if I was having to be training hard. Also, I kind of just needed a little break from climbing. But no worries- now I am back in the gym, staying in shape, so if God calls me to do something for Him, I will me prepared when he does :))))) The End...
.....Well, that story ;) This lesson is not even half as long, but it has done just as much teaching, healing, and sadness :( The dad of my friend from River Park lost his life in a motorcycle accident :( He had 3 young kids and a very strong relationship with them and his wife. Even though, I didn't know them that well, hsi death really affected me. I can't even imagine what Carter and the two younger girls were feelings. But, once I stopped sobbing, a feeling of peace came over me- a peace that showed me a glimse of heaven- possibly a little bit of what Matt was feeling in heaven right now. It made me excited to spend time with Jesus, knowing that he is with my relatives and friends. I will always remember him, his family, and what Jesus can do, if you devote yourself to him. our thoughts and prayers are with the Drakes right now...
Now, I would like to end my stories up with the lyrics of my new song:
Oh wait- I have to go write one right now, but, I will show you the words, once it is done. But until then, God bless you all :)))))))

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Being WELL Fed

I have realized that there won't be one week that I go to mid-week at the Well, and there won't be a single service I don't completely understand and enjoy. I thank Mr. Brad so much for making the sermon clear enough that even I can totally get it every week. This week he talked on having a broken spirit. He talked about how Nehemiah would pray constantly and never cease to pray. At first I was very confused and I thought that he meant that we shouldn't pray for ourselves but more for others, but he meant that we might need to pray for a while unitl God answers our prayer. Besides how amazing the Well is, this weekend I am attending a rock climbing compition at a place in the middle of no where, near Ojai. It is outdoors, and I will be staying over-night. I am waiting to hear if my close friend Bekah from the Well is coming with us, but nomatter what it will be so fun. I hope you all have a great week. God bless,