Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whoa is Me!

Sin. It's not a pleasant thing. To some it is. But to me it's like dirt. Or fire. Or worse. The sad thing is. It is all inside of me. And the only way to cleanse it out. Is to give your life to Jesus.

I pray that with everything I do that I would do it completely for him. I praise Him, that He has given me His son, as sort of a role model. We take it for granted, that our best friend is the greatest role model there is. He is perfect. If we are looking up to someone who is perfect, we surely can't become perfect, but we can definitely become more like Him. And that is my goal. This way, we can overcome sin, maybe not to perfection, by not making it the conquer of my life. Making Jesus the conquer of my life. Amen.

God has given us every spiritual blessing. How humbling is that!?!?He will always be there in time of need. Not just sometimes, but ALWAYS!!! I don't know about you, but I definitely take God for granted. Here we are, the creator of this world, right at our fingertips (and in our hearts) to ask for help, to comfort us, and to lead and guide us. I try to go to people for advice (which is great) but I could have help immediately;all I have to do is ask. Sure the answer won't be immediate, but at least we know that the answer will be genuine; the most genuine you can find!

I pray that I will capture every moment that I can, to look to my Lord for help. My goodness, that's what His name means!!!!! To be in His presence is so fufilling. And you are never not in His presence; how convinient!!! He's with you wherever you go....................

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